Personalising Content

First of all I'd like to apologise to you, this is not a story. Sorry to have mislead you. This is however, a short article which will enlighten you and gift you with spectacular knowledge on how to personalise your content on social media platforms and really leave your mark.

There are two clear benefits of tailoring your posts to each social network. First and foremost you will make the most of every post you publish organically, as it will be as targeted as it can be with its messaging. Secondly, you can truly leave a great impression on the clients or the brand you work for. You certainly can opt for sending the same link post to all channels is entry-level social media management, but you can do so much more than that! We'll talk about this later. *CROSS PROMOTION*

Decide what kind of voice you want your brand to have / portray. Are you going to be streamlined and professional, or sarcastic and witty? It is imperative that you determine the persona that best fits the messages you’re sending as a company and stay consistent in that voice in posts, responses, and interactions with your audience. Using the American Food Chain Taco Bell's tweet as an example, they have a playful, witty persona that they use to appeal to their younger audiences.

Being Responsive

Making sure you respond to questions and comments from your followers is vital. If they’re taking the time to speak out to your brand, it means they want to feel heard. Hear them. Whether you’re solving a problem for them, or simply thanking them for taking the time to talk to you, it’s important to show you’re listening. Social media is a great platform for customer service as well, and handling contact on your social channels can really make your marketing game thrive. I've spoken about this in my previous articles. Be sure to check those out!

Cross Promote

"But what is this 'Cross Promoting' you mention, Tristan?"

Social media personalisation starts with crafting a unique message for EACH platform, rather than blasting the same updates across all of your channels. It’s called cross-promoting rather than cross-posting.

It’s not just a matter of different formatting. Specific demographics have matured around each platform and expectations will change depending on which one they happen to be using at any given moment. Due to this, you can be more personal on Facebook, more professional on LinkedIn, punchier on Twitter and more emoticon-friendly on Instagram.

Want to know more? We bet you do.