Organic Social Media, what is it?

Organic reach on social media refers to the number of people who come across your post without boosted distribution. These are people who happened to be on the platform when you posted and saw it organically.

Using free tools provided by each social network to build a social community and interact with it, will ease the process of sharing posts and responding to customer comments.

For example, using Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule and publish tweets on Twitter is organic. You may pay for a license to use this software, put there is no charge from the social media platform for publishing your content.

BUFFER is absolutely fantastic for this and is my favourite platform to use, sometimes you might get a spontaneous burst of great content to post. Using Buffer, you can schedule multiple posts for different times and days, effectively, working ahead.

Organic VS Paid?

Paying to display adverts, be it text, image, video, carousel etc. or sponsored messages to social network users based on user profiles e.g. demographic. A cost is incurred based on the type of ad; for example many ads incur a cost per click (cpc).

The reality is, is that opting to use just one method alone is not going to achieve the optimum results. The most lucrative, and effective implementation is both in a social media strategy. Both in tandem to achieve consistent results and growth.